My husband and I have been big fans of Ink Master, a reality competition tv show. Tattoo artist compete against each other weekly with different challenges. There is always an American Traditional style challenge. I love the bold line work and and big eyes of the stylistic women. I had to do a tribute, which would mix my style with the bold decisions making of Traditional.

Every Day Original: Hermes

Hermes on sale at on
Aug 10th, 10am EST.

8x10" chalk pastel on BFK Rives paper. Matted and in 11"x14" frame.

See the process and close-ups below!

Progressive photos of this portrait. There are a few gaps as I got into the details. I kept forgetting to pick up the camera as I got into it. I'll try better next time ;).

Jack Frost

Latest portrait illustration of Jack Frost. Most of my portraits are quite like Ella. This time I wanted to play with organized chaos with a low key lighting. I'm planning a very colorful Golden Compass illustration that's going to involves the Northern Lights, so this helped me workout some decisions. These portraits are about fun and working out problems before a big color piece.

I wanted Jack Frost to be an androgynous character. I needed to balance the smoothness of his face with the crisp lines of his hair and surroundings. Also wanted the flow of the wind to show with my stroke choices in the background. There are things that I do and don't like with this one, but over all I'm happy with it.

Below is a close up. I even added ice on his eyelashes after watching Narnia for inspiration :P