A 56 page illustrated novel and adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid coming to Kickstarter June 2019. This is a personal project that I really want to bring to life with 11 black and white illustrations created with chalk pastel and 5 spot illustrations done in graphite. *Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects that are brought to life only with the direct support of others.

It all began with...
Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid.  “After saving a prince from drowning, a mermaid princess embraces a life of extreme self-sacrifice to win his love and gain an immortal soul.” I started The Little Mermaid book project back in January. This is a personal journey setting me on a path to illustrate a story that is fantastically dark and hauntingly romantic. This is the exact type of story that draws me in, and I really look forward to taking-on this challenge for the next year.

I'm thrilled to introduce this first illustration from the book, Intrigue (above. far right). It features my littlest mermaid, who desperately wants the love of a human prince, so she may share his immortal soul and live forever. Mermaids only live 300 years then turn into sea foam at the end of their lives. Here, she is in the deep depths of the ocean. Her bioluminescent hair floats idly around her shoulders as she ponders what it is like to live up above with the fish that fly in the air. Do the humans also dance up above? Do they sing? 

I want to share my love of all things dark and romantic. Since I discovered my style, I’ve always naturally enjoyed doing strong
feminine portraits. And that’s become something I’m known for. That, and expressive eyes. My work is very organic and features flowing shapes, so you can guess I really love drawing underwater hair. The Little Mermaid seemed to combine all the things I’m naturally eager to draw. It has been an enjoyable and challenging journey thus far and I can’t wait to share the finished book a year from now. Many more illustrations to come!

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Documented Progress Work and Concept Art: