Mini Originals in the store!

I've added a few mini originals to the store ranging from $50-$110. Shipping is $10. All are chalk pastel on paper set with fixative. Then I brought out the highlights with gouache paint. The mermaid eye pieces are embellished with gold or silver paint.  Go check them out at

New Society 6 Store

I officially have a Society 6 Store now. Art prints, phone cases, and other merchandise are available throughout the year now. Check it out:

My store was also recently featured on Society 6 Blog as part of their artist 6 pack. Nice!…/six-pack-week-of-march-28-2016

I'll still hold Flash Sales in my personal Store several times a year. Flash Sales offer more affordable signed prints and originals directly from me for a short period of time. Learn more about Flash Sales here:

Flash sale is live until March 8th!

I'm having a flash sale in my store selling signed prints and originals. There are also some mini framed artwork for $50. 2 of them are embellished with gold (that was fun.) Most prints come in both 8x10 for $12 and 11x17 for $20.  And shipping for prints US $5-$6 | Int $7-$10. Take advantage of the sale, while it is up! It ends March 8th at 10pm CST. Click here for a direct link to the Store.

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2015 Run Down!

Happy New Year!

I have a lot of goals this year:
  • Post more process videos
  • Start a Patreon account
  • Exhibit in galleries on my A List
  • Improve my fan base/following
  • Grow my client list
  • Continue to get work into annuals.  *fingers crossed*
  • Sell an illustration to Guillermo Del Toro...very specific, but I'm determined!

Here is a recap of 2015. I tried my best to keep it in chronological order. It's funny how "dark" it gets towards the end of the year. I've definitely embraced the fantasy/horror genre.

Limited Time Prints for Sale

**Open Edition Print Sale is LIVE***
Now until Nov 25th my most favored prints are available for purchase for a limited time.  So, please help support my art career and put my awesome new printer to good use. :)  I wont be able to print and ship these piece in Dec, so take advantage of this special November print sale. Thanks everyone!

Shop Now or click Store above
8x10 for $12 | 11x17 for $20.    Shipping: US $5 | $6-$10 international.