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I was featured along side the other nominees for the Spectrum Fantasy Art Live Rising Star Award! Check it out here:

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Latest Stuff

Here is some latest "stuff" I've completed. And also a link to my latest newsletter. 

Figure Drawings

I did some live figure drawing for the first time in a loooong while. Wanted to share. 15-30 min poses. Chalk pastel on Newsprint. : Incendium

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Recently I’ve been very interested in the layered textures of flora and how those patterns are mimicked in flames. Incendium was created from that study.

incendium n ‎(genitive incendiī); Latin

  1. A fire, inferno, conflagration; heat; torch.
  2. (heat of) passion, vehemence

Framed: Tabletop or Wall Display
Framed: UV Museum Glass
Framed: Wooden Frame 11x13
Height: 8
Width: 6
Medium: chalk pastel
Surface: Rives BFK

2016 Recap

Recap of most of my 2016 pieces!

"Secrets" Illustration Mock-up

My friend John D. Wiltshire put together a mock-up design for my "Secrets" illustration for Month of Fear. I think it turned out fantastic!

New Originals Added to the Store!

I've added 3 new originals to The Store.
"Variscite" mini-original. chalk pastel, gouache, and silver embellishment paint.
"Fae" chalk pastel original framed and matted with UV Museum Glass
"Aurora" chalk pastel original framed and matted with UV Museum Glass